Significant Digits: Responsible Use of Quantitative Information Brussels, Fondation Universitaire, Rue d’Egmont, 11, Brussels, organized by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, 9-10 June 2015

Booklet of abstracts.


June 9th

Fondation Universitaire, Room Felicien Cattier

10.00 Registration and coffee

11.00 Introduction by Daniel Albrecht, DDG01

11.05 Vladimír Šucha: Opening

11.30 Jerome Ravetz: ‘The Significance of Digits’.

12.30 Jeroen van der Sluijs: On the extinction of craft skills with numbers: the case of "Overall, 7.9% of species are predicted to become extinct from climate change".

13.30 - 14.30 Lunch buffet

14.30 Mario Giampietro: Quantitative story telling as a therapy for hypocognition

15.30 - 16.00 Coffee & tea break

16.00 Dorothy Dankel: Fisheries quota advice for management: Significant scripts and significant digits.

Same presentation using PREZI.

See also Dorothy's "The Herald Tribute", a not-so-fictitious newspaper.

17.00 General discussion

17.30 End of DAY 1

June 10th

09.00 Coffee & tea

09.15 Summary of First day

09.30 Philip Stark: Pay no attention to the model behind the curtain.

10.30 Zora Kovacic: The simplification of complexity: challenges of sustainability science for governance.

11.30 - 12.00 Coffee & tea break

12.00 Andrea Saltelli: Evidence based policy: handle with care.

13.00 14.00 Lunch buffet

14.00 John Kay: Knowing what we don’t know.

15.00 Final Discussion

16.00 END

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The fallacy of evidence based policy, workshop's seminal paper by A. Saltelli and M. Giampietro